Amako Mountain

Just north of Ako, a twenty minute bike ride from home is a beautiful little mountain called Amako Mountain (尼子山). There is a shrine at the base and another at the top of the steep rocky trail to the summit. It’s well worth the effort to climb to the top and sit on the rocky outcrop on top from where you can see much of the Chikusa river Valley. Here are some pictures from a recent trip there.

One of the Komainu (lion-dog) guardians at the lower shrine.
The trail climbs steeply up a rocky ridge from the forest forest below.
Just before the peak is the entrance gate for the shrine on top.
What the gods see on leaving home to run errands in town.
The nicely cared for shrine at the top of the mountain.
Looking west.
Looking north. Takao elementary school is on the edge of the forest at bottom. A high speed train is visible crossing the river.
Looking south towards Sakoshi and Ako.
Field on the edge of the Chikusa River.
Rice fields ready for harvest.
The local train bound for Ako.
A somewhat creepy scarecrow.
Coneflowers by the fence.