Sakoshi in the fall

Sakoshi is a little seaside town bordering Ako and it is one of my favorite places to visit. Here are photos from a recent trip. Once again I was using a filter on the camera for the painterly effect. It captures the feel of the place more than straight photos might I find.

Sakoshi’s main street
The front gate of Myodoji, Sakoshi’s main temple
flowers in the courtyard of Myodoji
garden buddha
oyster boats in Sakoshi harbor
the shrine on Ikishima, a cursed island across from Sakoshi harbor
Sakoshi bay and Ikishima
Entrance to Osake shrine, the main shinto shrine of Sakoshi
Osake shrine
shrine within the shrine
outbuilding above the shrine
Myokenji, a small temple that sits on the hillside above the shrine
stone lantern
lone maple leaf
relics near Myokenji
one of the 88 stone buddhas along a path circling Myokenji
statue of the founder of the temple