Level Up in English

Learning a new language is difficult! Luckily there are many great free tools available to help improve your English. Here are some.

Listening: podcasts

Podcasts are the internet version of radio shows. And there are many great free podcasts that are made for English learners at any level. Listening to natural English at the right level every day, again and again is a great way to improve your English. If you listen to these shows again and again you will understand more and more.

Voice of America: Learning English

Listen to the news in easy American English. New 30 minute episodes every day. Here is a sample, click this link for more: Learning English Broadcast.

British Council: Learn English Podcasts

The British Council has many great, free online English learning resources. Their podcasts are great for learning and include written versions so you can read along and self-tests to help you practice. You can find them here on this website.

BBC Radio: 6 Minute English

These short programs are about a variety of topics. Even listening to one 6 minute show each day is a great way to improve your language skills. Click this link to go to their website.

YouTube channels for learning English

If you like to watch YouTube videos, and want to improve your English, try these channels, or search for more on YouTube by searching for “Learning English,” or “Easy English.”

Learn English With Mr. Duncan

Mr. Duncan, also known as English Addict has a great YouTube Channel with many videos. He has been making YouTube videos for 15 years and adds more all the time. Start with this playlist Learn English with Mr. Duncan and then try some of his other videos. Here is his introduction.

Easy English

There are many great animated videos here at Easy English. Here is a sample.


If you learn best by reading, there are many great things to read available for free online here are two excellent resources.

English e-reader

You can sign up for free and get access to many online books to read at any level. Here is the list of starter level books.

British Council: reading lessons

The British Council also has an excellent reading practice site. There are many short, useful reading practice materials available at their website.